How long to wait after putting oil in the car?

Adding oil to your car is extremely important if you want to ensure everything is running properly. With that in mind, figuring out how much time you have to wait before you actually start your engine and start going onward with your trip is just as important. Which does make you wonder, is it ok to wait and then start the engine, or can you just continue right away? Let’s find out!

How Long to Let Engine Cool Before Adding Oil?

You should always try to leave the engine cool down before you start adding oil. If you just want to check the oil level, leave your vehicle to settle for around 5 minutes or so. The reason here is that you want the oil at the top of the engine to drain to the bottom. You can then do a proper reading of the oil levels and you will have a much better understanding if everything is ok or not.

Then you can open the hood, check the oil levels and see how much oil you need to add. Generally, it’s recommended to leave the engine cool down for around 5 to 10 minutes after you start adding oil to the tank. When you add oil you always want to ensure that you’re not overfilling. Otherwise, it will create a mess and it will be hard to clean up. After you add the oil it’s a good idea to leave it for around 2-5 minutes so it can settle. Add the cap afterward and then you can turn your car engine on to ensure it all works properly.

We recommend leaving the car engine run for a few seconds to ensure everything is ok. If there are issues, then you most likely didn’t add enough oil or it was added incorrectly. You have to repeat the process mentioned above.

Do you need to wait after you put oil in the car?

Yes, you can’t just start the car right away. The recommended option is to leave the oil to settle. As we mentioned above, 5 minutes will be more than ok. You can, however, wait a bit longer if you can. Starting your car right after an oil change is not ok, since it can have repercussions. Making sure that the oil is able to circulate properly through the engine is crucial before you go anywhere with your car.

If you wait 5 minutes or a bit more after you put oil in your car, you can start the engine safely and ensure everything is ok. Once that is done, you can easily go anywhere you want without worrying about oil levels. We recommend taking your time and not rushing, since that can lead to various issues with your vehicle. But once you wait for a bit, you won’t have a problem reaching your destination and going anywhere you want. Follow these tips and tricks and remember to perform some vehicle maintenance from time to time so you can stay safe on the road!