Shortcuts that every user of PC should know

keyboard shortcuts

There are some basic shortcuts that every user of PC should know. They are simple and could be helpful.
Take a look at some of them:

How to take a screenshot on PC
That’s very simple just press the “Print Screen” button (on some keyboards it might be called: “Prt Sc” or “PrtSc“). Then just open a program where you want to the import image( for example Paint or Wordpad) and use shortcut Ctrl+V to paste it there (you can also use your mouse – click the right button and choose option “Paste”).

If you are using Windows 10:
You can use the shortcut: Windows button + Print Screen – print screen will be automatically saved as an image in the folder “Pictures”, in a subfolder called “Screenshots.”
If you want just to take a print screen with the current window (without Taskbar) use: Alt + Print Screen
There is also a special tool to make screenshots in Windows, you can run it by typing in the Taskbar search box “Snipping Tool” – you can cut fragments of the screen “live”.

How to zoom in and out screen on PC
There are two simple ways to zoom in and out screen on our PC:

  • hold CTRL key and then press the key with the plus sign (+) to zoom in or (-) to zoom out. You can press sign more than one time.
  • hold CTRL key and use your mouse scroll

To back to default position press CTRL + 0 (zero)

Basic text/object editing
Some shortcuts will make your work with text (objects) in most applications a lot faster, here they are:
CTRL + C – copy ( to remember just imagine C as Copy)
CTRL + V – paste
CTRL + X – cut ( you can remember X like a symbol of scissors)
CTRL + A – select all ( A as All)

I hope you find it helpful!