What Do You Do If An Off-Leash Dog Approaches You While You Are Walking a Dog?

When you walk with your dog and see an off-leash dog coming towards you, it can make you stressed and nervous. If you or your dog has already had a bad experience with an unleashed dog in the past, it can make you more distressed. You know your dog better, but you don’t know anything about the unleashed dog approaching you. So, what will be your reaction in this case? The best approach is to be prepared for such situations in advance. So, here we’ll share some tips to tackle such situations.

Tips for Keeping Yourself and Your Dog Safe When Off-Leash Dog Approaches You

As mentioned earlier, you never know the intentions of an off-leash dog coming towards you. But you can follow the below-given tips to remain safe during such situations.

  • Stay Calm

It’s not easy to stay calm during such situations, but when you stay calm, it will help your dog to stay calm too. Ensure that you’re aware of your surroundings so that you can see the dog approaching you earlier. Don’t get hyper. Otherwise, things can get out of control.

  • Understand the Body Language of a Dog Approaching You

As mentioned earlier, you never know the intentions of the dog coming towards you. But when you closely monitor the body language, you can be well-prepared in advance. Avoid your dog greeting the off-leash dog.

When your dog reacts defensively, it will make other dogs aggressive. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand body language and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead.

  • Walk Away

When the unleashed dog is at a distance from you, and you have time to move away, do this. Ensure that you walk in a different direction. You can get your dog’s attention by having treats in your hand. If you want to keep yourself safe, stay away from the off-leash dog.

If you don’t have time to move away, look around to find if there is anyone who can help you. Moreover, you can look for an easy escape route.

  • Hide Your Dog Behind You

When an off-leash dog sees your dog, the situation might get worst. Therefore, it’s important to hide your dog behind you so that the unleashed dog can’t see him. Moreover, look for any safe place in the park. If your dog is well-socialized and trained, it will help you a lot during these situations. You can ask your dog to stay behind until you’re sure the danger is gone.

  • Try a Treat

It works in most cases. When you see an unleashed dog approaching you, throw some treats on the ground at some distance. It will cause a small distraction, and you can take advantage and escape away from the danger zone. Don’t repeat this because the stray dogs will start to follow you, and it can turn out to be the worst situation for you.

  • Try Physical Barriers

When you try all the tips mentioned above, but nothing works for you, put a physical barrier between the unleashed dog and your dog. For example, you can bring in an umbrella and deterrent spray to stop dogs from making contact with each other.

So, ensure that you follow these tips whenever you face such situations.