What is the Internet of Things?

With every passing day, the digital world is growing at an unprecedented rate. Many new inventions and discoveries are occurring now and then focused on making human life easier. However, few phenomena have been as effective in bringing a change as the internet of things. This concept focuses on a system of interrelated computers and computing devices that are connected to transfer data to each other without requiring human intervention. Currently, there are numerous IoT devices available for their application in different fields. For example, secure home IoT devices can help protect your home without constant monitoring on your end. As such, the current article will consider the internet of things in detail.

What is the Internet of Things and How Does it Work?

In an internet of things (IoT) system, different computers and other digital/mechanical devices are connected so that data transfer and processing can occur without human support. For example, a heart monitor installed in a patient connects the sensors to the computer that can process the information to determine the patient needs emergency support services; similarly, in greenhouses, the internet of things (IoT) system that can sense whether humidity levels are high or low, transfer this data to the computing device, which can in-turn start of a turn off the humidifier without human involvement. With each passing day, organizations are finding many different ways of implementing the internet of things (IoT) to their development and work frameworks, helping them make better and informed decisions.

Internet of Things (IoT) systems and IoT devices work in the following way:

  • Many smart IoT devices are connected in the form of embedded systems.
  • The devices with sensors collect the data and transfer them to the processors using communication systems.
  • The processors analyze the data, store it and take the necessary action predetermined for specific data outputs by engaging the actuators of other smart IoT devices. This complete process occurs without any need for primary human intervention.
  • Sometimes, IoT devices can also employ artificial intelligence techniques to learn from the data connection and refine their processes over time.

Importance of Internet of Things and IoT Devices

There are numerous benefits of IoT devices and the internet of things framework in general:

  • It allows better decision-making by regular data collection and processing.
  • Businesses can get insights into the performance of people, products, and procedures in real-time.
  • Process automation is possible, reducing the recurring burden on the firm.
  • IoT devices can help improve everyday life by offering systems where human intervention could have proven damaging. For example, if heart monitoring has to be performed by the doctor all the time, a heart patient may not have someone available to check them when they need a check-up. On the other hand, using the internet of things device, their checkup occurs 24/7, with reports being generated automatically.
  • It makes it possible to access information at any time.
  • Connected IoT devices have better communication amongst themselves than what occurs during human intervention.

Common Secure Home IoT Devices

Interestingly, many people use IoT devices regularly to secure their homes without even realizing that they benefit from the internet of things system. Some common secure home IoT devices are as follows:

  • Google Home Voice Controller: This smart, secure home IoT device helps you control different features of your home from a single device that connects with all such features. All you need to do is speak your command. Google Home Voice Controller will implement it. This device can help you lock your home remotely if you forget to close it when you are leaving.
  • Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller: It performs most of the same functions as the previous secure home IoT device. However, you can enjoy some additional entertainment features with this product, such as playing music through external speakers.
  • August Doorbell Cam: Sometimes, you need to monitor who is at your door from a remote location to ensure your safety. This secure home IoT device allows you can monitor changes on your doorstep and answer doorbells remotely. In case of any emergency, you can automatically alert the police despite being away.
  • August Smart Lock: A highly reliable secure home IoT device that allows users to lock their homes remotely. Even if you and your family are away, you can use your mobile phone connected with the device to lock the doors of your home remotely.
  • Nest Smoke Alarm: No home can be fully safe without a working smoke alarm. However, this secure home IoT device goes one step further by connecting itself to many different safety systems in case of fire. For example, the water sprinklers can be activated, and the device can contact the local fire department upon sensing the fire.
  • Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution: Cybersecurity of your home is essential. All the devices on your home network connected to the internet are prone to hacking, malware, and other malicious attempts over the internet. This device tries to overcome these issues by preventing such attacks on your home-network devices. The high-performance ratio is a safe determinant of the efficiency of this product.

Tips When Using Secure Home IoT Devices

Here are some things to consider when using IoT devices to ensure maximum safety:

  • The router system must be set correctly so that everything is connected properly.
  • Change the default router name to prevent hacking access.
  • Make sure the passwords you set on the devices are all unique and different from each other.
  • I prefer the best security encryption system available, don’t compromise on it.
  • All passwords must be hard to determine.
  • Create a different Wi-Fi network for your IoT devices than the normal home use network.
  • Disable the features that are not required.
  • All devices must be up to date and have multi-factor authentication.


Internet of things and IoT devices are no less than a revolution to improve human lives. Applying them correctly can help secure your homes to the fullest.