Why Does My Cat Steal My Seat?

You get up from your seat to do some important task, but when you come back, you see your cat sitting on your favorite chair, and you start wondering, why does my cat steal my seat? There are multiple reasons for it, and we’ll discuss them in this article. So, let’s start.

5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Steal My Seat

Cats love to spend time with their owners because it makes them feel comfortable. Moreover, they love to steal your seat because it’s warm and they can absorb your body heat. So, let’s discuss all the reasons why does my cat steal my seat.

  1. They Love the Warmth

When you get up, and your cat steals your seat, it means they love the warmth. Usually, when we spend some time at one spot, our body naturally warms that area. So, when we get up, cats find a perfect and warm place to sit.

This warm seat helps cats feel cozy and warm. If you don’t want your cat to sit on your chair, ensure that you provide them with a warm spot. For example, you can place their bed near the heater.

  1. To Get Attention

Cats know how to get the attention of humans. Therefore, when you get up from your seat, they quickly steal your seat to get your attention. When your cat does this, don’t yell at your cat. Avoid punishing your cat for this behavior because it can lead to aggression and other behavior issues.

Take your cat in the lap and cuddle. But, more importantly, it allows you to sit together at the same spot.

  1. Marking Territory

When cats steal your seat, they try to deposit their scent to make the chair smell more familiar. As a result, they can make the environment comfortable. Cats do this when you have multiple cats at home. They try to mark their territory so that other animals stay away. It can be frustrating when your cat does this again and again but don’t get angry.

  1. Feels Safe

It’s perhaps the most important reason why cats steal your seat. They get to your seat and sleep there because they feel that it’s the safest place for them. Sleeping on your chair protects them from surprise attacks. Moreover, sitting on a chair makes them realize that they’re part of the family.

  1. Your Scent Makes Them Feel Comfortable

Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times more than humans. Therefore, they can detect odors that humans can’t do. In addition, cats love to chase the smells of their owners because it makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.

What Else Can Be the Reason for Stealing Your Seat?

When cats steal your seat, there might be an issue with your cat. For example, your cat might be:

  • Depressed
  • Tries to attack you
  • Suffering from behavioral issues

So, if you feel the issues are getting worst, take your cat to the vet. So, these are the reasons why does cat steals your seat.