Why my indoor cat is obsessed with going outside?

The behavior of cats can be mysterious at times, such as when an indoor cat that appears to be satisfied suddenly demands to be let outside. So, let’s discuss why your indoor cat is obsessed with going out.

Reasons: Cats is obsessed with going outside

These are some of the reasons/factors which compel cats to wander outside:

  1. Something totally new caught your cat’s interest: There might be something novel about the outside environment that has caught your cat’s attention. It might be that birds have established a nest nearby, that squirrels are running around, that there is a new cat in the area, or that they are simply bored.
  2. Cats are excellent hunters: They are creatures that are crepuscular or semi-nocturnal, meaning that they are most active in the dark, such as in the early morning or late evening hours. You simply can’t fathom how vicious your spoiled housecat may be toward those unfortunate rodents. These felines will frequently depart the house at night, leaving you with the unpleasant discovery of a dead mouse on the table in the morning. The natural need to hunt can never be satisfied, so they always want to go outside.
  3. Cats are known to be quite possessive of their area/territory: Their area may include the home in which they reside and the outside locations they frequent. They are highly watchful of anybody or anything that enters their domain (especially not other felines)—because of this, introducing new cats may be rather challenging. The majority of cats have the ability to monitor an area within a half mile of their home.
  4. Natural desire to mate: When they reach the age at which they could have kittens, cats, like all other animals, begin their search for a partner. Their natural need to procreate drives them to venture out into the world in quest of mates. While staying in their area, female cats search for potential partners. Males, on the other hand, are able to travel far outside of their territorial region in order to satiate their instinct.

What should you do if your cat insists on going outside?

Several things can be done to make the atmosphere inside more pleasant again, regardless of what it is that has piqued your cat’s curiosity and gotten their attention.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Bringing in a new member of the feline species. A cat that lives by itself is more likely to experience feelings of boredom than two cats that have each other for company.
  • If getting another cat isn’t an option, you may give your current pet other places to climb, such as a cat tree or shelves designed specifically for cats.
  • Toys, and especially food and treat puzzles, can be an effective means of preventing him from becoming bored or going outside.
  • Set aside at least half an hour a day to engage in playtime regularly. You should get him some responsive toys that your cat can chase, such as fishing pole toys, which perform really well for this purpose.