How to Treat Dog Eye Infections at Home

It is important to take notice of your pet’s health as it can indicate if there are some changes in its condition. In the same way as humans, animals also have health problems related to their eyes. One common problem that affects dogs is eye infection or conjunctivitis, which can be mild or more serious. If left untreated, this thing may become worse and cause blindness for your dog.

You should know how to treat dog eye infections at home to avoid the complication of this disease and reduce the cost of veterinary fees, which can be expensive. To give you some ideas on how to handle this matter effectively, here are some tips for you:

Home remedies for Treatment of Dog Eye Infection

If the cause of the eye infection can be treated externally, then begin treatment immediately. You must start using medications as soon as possible because missed doses or discontinuing the medication may result in negative side effects or even exacerbate your dog’s condition. The following steps will help cleanse and treat your pup’s eyes at home:

Step 1

Start by getting some green tea bags from any grocery store. Green tea contains tannic acid, which helps kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Boil the tea bags in the water for about ten minutes, then let them cool before using them for bathing your dog’s eyes. Rinse off the excess tea with clean water, but make sure you leave enough behind to aid in killing the infection.

Step 2

Once a day for five days, use a cotton ball soaked in chamomile tea to wipe away any discharge from your dog’s eye. Chamomile also has antibiotic properties that can help heal up an infection quickly. You should see an improvement after just two or three days of treatment. If there is no improvement within the three-day time frame, seek immediate medical attention from a veterinary professional. It is always safer to err on the side of caution when it comes to your pet’s health and well-being.

Step 3

You may also use garlic to treat a dog’s eye infection at home. Using toothpicks, apply one crushed clove of fresh garlic (or two if it is chopped) directly over the area where the white part of the eye meets its lower lid. Keep in mind that this is not for ingestion. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can help clear up an infection quickly, provided it is done at least twice a day for five days in a row. Do not worry about the garlic scent; most dogs won’t even notice it by this stage! Just do not forget to remove each clove after 20 minutes so as not to irritate your pup’s eyes.

Step 4

Using a cotton swab, apply two drops of castor oil into your dog’s eye each night before bedtime. Some people may be concerned that this is an alternative medicine treatment; however, it has been used for centuries to get rid of infections and cleanse the eyes. The success rate for this method is high because castor oil also contains properties that help fight bacteria, fungi, or other organisms causing the infection in the first place! Just make sure you do not place any more than two drops within each eye because doing so can cause negative reactions. It should not be surprising that dogs are highly sensitive creatures, but please bear this in mind when administering any treatment to your dog.

Step 5

Last but not least, there are countless home remedies for dog eye infections that you can try out at home. You may want to apply a warm compress (make sure it is not too hot) to loosen up the gunk in your pup’s eyes. This should be done about three times per day for five minutes at a time. Another option is to place the cotton swab you used earlier into some Vitamin E oil. After using it on one eye, use another swab to treat the other eye with this mixture. The vitamin E oil will speed up healing and remove all traces of infection in both eyes within days! It might seem like magic, but there are no tricks involved here.


It is a good idea to keep a journal of how often you treat your dog’s eyes with a specific remedy. This way, if the infection reappears, you will have some idea of what might have caused it in the first place or which home remedies work best. In addition, it may be helpful to take note of any other symptoms so that all details can be relayed accurately to your vet for further investigations and examinations.

By following these steps, most eye infections can be cleared up within one week – but please speak with your vet about potential side effects associated with treatment plans before starting anything new! And above all else, do NOT self-diagnose because you could end up making matters worse.