Why Does My Cat Push My Hand Away?

It can be annoying when cats push your hand away, but it’s essential to know the reasons why does my cat pus my hand away. When cats do this, the main reason is overstimulation. When you touch sensitive parts of your cat, they can get overstimulated in a blink of an eye.

When you overstimulate your cats, they push your hand away. Therefore, avoid petting or touching the grain of your cat’s fur. In contrast, when your cat pulls your hand, it means your cat needs attention. So, you need to understand the difference between pulling and pushing.


What Areas Should You Avoid Touching in Your Cat?

Sometimes when cats push your hands away, it might be because she’s playing with you or enjoying the contact. But when you touch certain spots or areas in their body, they don’t like it or get overstimulated in no time. Therefore, they push your hand away. So, you should avoid touching the areas mentioned below:

  • On the back
  • Behind the ears
  • Grains of cat’s fur
  • Injured areas

When cats don’t like to be touched, don’t touch anymore because it can make them angry. In such cases, leave your cat alone.

Let’s answer the other important questions.

How to Stop Cats from Biting?

When you cuddle with a kitten, it looks cute. Likewise, touching your kitten’s belly looks adorable, but your kitten might bite you in response. When you follow this practice with your adult cats, their bites might be painful. So, don’t let your cats play with your hands or body. Instead, give them treat-dispensing toys so that they can have fun.

What to Do When Your Cat Bites You?

First, wash the wound with an iodine solution and press the wound to stop bleeding. Then, clean it with a towel. It will ensure that bacteria are flushed out and do not cause any infection. The best practice is to visit a doctor if the bite is severe.

What Does Cat Bites Show?

Remember never to confuse your cat bites with aggression. Sometimes they can be love bites. When they bite as a result of petting, it can be due to aggression. In this case, your cat will push your hand away. On the other hand, in love bites, your cat attracts your hand to seek attention.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy With You?

When your cat pulls your hand towards herself, it means she loves you. Some signs that show your cat loves you are given below:

  • Nibbles you a lot
  • It brings gifts for you
  • Gurgles all the time
  • It shows you its tummy
  • Head butts you out of love
  • Feel happy in your presence
  • The tail is always curled around your leg

So, you should understand the difference between love bites and bites due to aggression.

So, after reading this article, you must have got an answer, why does my cat push my hand away.